Hey there, future entrepreneur!

I’m Pat Mallon. Once a tired, tied-down, worn-out desk jockey, I longed for better things in both my professional and personal life. Not too long ago, my daily life consisted of a 2 hour commute to a job I hated. I’d spend 8.5 hours there, only to come home and barely have enough time and energy to spend time with family. I decided that was not how I’d live the rest of my life.

Starting my own eCom business changed everything. Yes, I found a means to make more money (what most people aim for). But something I didn’t expect: I found more time and freedom to enjoy my life to its fullest.

Let me show you how to do the same!

What best describes you?


Does any of this sound familiar?…

“I don’t know how to sell physical goods.”

“I don’t know how to set up a website.”

“I don’t know how to advertise online.”

“I don’t know how to get started.”

If you can relate to one or more of these, I put together a course just for you. In it, I will take you from the ground floor and teach you how to sell items online.

I literally have taught grandmas how to overcome their fears and begin making sales.

You can do it too!


Okay, cool guy. You’ve made a mark on the eCom map, but maybe you can do better? You might be saying to yourself…

“I have a store up and running, but want more sales.”

“I know how to run advertising, but need to improve ROI.”

“I need to feel more comfortable with other traffic sources.”

“I want to make more money.”

You might be beyond the basics, but you aren’t quite a billionaire yet. You understand the potential that eCommerce has, but you just need a little more help reaching it.

Check out some of these courses and tools to get you ahead of your competition…

Take a look at feedback from some of my current students…

And that’s just a few of the many!

Over 5000 students have made the investment in themselves and discovered that my methods really work.

But is this for me?

While I can’t make that decision for YOU, I can tell you eCom Fastlane is for anyone who…

  • believes in their own current abilities
  • wants to make a commitment to learn new skillsets
  • wants to earn income doing something they love

We are not here to promote a “get rich quick” scheme. We are fostering the cultivation of real businesses that you will become the owner. If this is what you’d like to do, then come aboard.

And the BEST part? Getting Started is…


Yeah, I know. That sounds like a red flag. But let me tell you why it’s free and you’ll understand.

  • My Starter course is 100% Free. I want you be able to see the system in action and get comfortable with it before ever having to pay me a cent.
  • With my affiliate link, you will create an ecommerce store and not have to pay anything for 21 days. No commitments!
    • If you don’t make any money, cancel your subscription and walk away.
  • I will also show conversion boosting tools that also give you Free trials.
  • The only cost you will have is advertising. But I will show you that an investment as little as $5 can generate sales of $100+ revenue. That 20x ROI!

So why am I giving this all for Free?

I want you to succeed. Because if you succeed, you’re going to want to increase your knowledge on eCommerce. I have other courses that I know you’ll benefit from. But I want you to get the basics out of the way first. I also make some killer apps that will help you at any stage of the game.

So what are you waiting for?

Soon, you can logging in to dashboards that look like this…